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What is Swiss machining?

Swiss machining is a type of precision turning manufacturing, it is a manufacturing technique that offers specialized tool cutting designed to turn metal stock into complex, slender, or delicate components that require tight tolerances.

Generally speaking, Swiss machining refers to the Swiss-designed CNC-operated lathes that turns parts in a radial motion as it cuts the workpiece.

The parts by Swiss machining is more precision and smoother during machining than in traditional automatic lathe. This processing is not only cost-effective, but it presents increased precision and speedy over other similar machining methods.

Swiss machining & CNC turning servicer
precision custom brass screw machined parts

What Swiss machining do?

Swiss machining can manufacture small, simple or complex precision parts in high-volume for a number of industries, such as automotive, defense, medical, agriculture, construction, computers and IT, energy and electronics sectors. Parts produced by this type of machining are found in contact pins, inserts, sockets, medical devices, housings, optical equipment, pins, shafts, connecting components for electronic devices and aerospace parts, and much more.

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