Custom Precision Aluminum 6061 Screw Machine Parts
Straight Knurled Female & Internal Thread Bushings & Sleeves

As a leading manufacturer of Aluminum 6061 or 6082 Straight knurled or diamond knurled female & internal threaded bushings and sleeves in China, P4W offers a variety of custom precision aluminum straight knurled bushings, straight knurled or diamond brass nuts, straight knurled turning parts, diamond knurled threaded parts, screw machine products, small turning parts, threaded products, special fasteners, such as Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Spacers, Standoffs, Pins, Inserts, Bushings, Connectors, Rivets, Shafts, Rod, Studs, Axles etc. All of these custom precision parts & machined components manufactured according to our customer's drawings & blueprints.

Aluminum 6061 Straight Knurled turning parts Manufacturer, brass Screw Machine Parts and CNC Turning Parts manufacturer
Avaliable Material : Brass, Aluminum, Mild Steel, Free Cutting Steel, Stainless Steel AISI 303, 304,316, POM, Delrin...

Finishing : Zinc Plated, Nickel Plated, Chrome Plated, Polished, Anodized

Packaging : Varied size of Cartons, Plastic bags, Wooden boxes, Pallets, as your request

Delivery : General 4-6 weeks after order & payment is placed

Threaded : Metric Threaded & Inch Thread, Internal threaded, outer threaded, female threaded, make threaded

Knurlings : Straight Knurled & Diamond Knurled

Special Fasteners : Screws, Nuts, Bolts, Spacers, Standoffs, Pins, Inserts, Bushings, Connectors, Rivets, Shafts, Rod, Studs, Axles, etc.

Main Equipment :Screw Machine, CNC lathe, automatic lathe, grinder, thread rolling machine, tapping /drilling machine etc for custom brass screw machined Products & threaded parts

Automatic Screw machine Products & CNC Machining Parts:



Screw Machine Parts Aluminum & Brass Turning Parts

Aluminum & Brass Straight or Diamond Knurled Metric Threaded screw machine parts, turning parts...

Aluminum Straight Knurled Inner Threaded Bushings & small turning parts, such as special fasteners, e.g. bolts, bushings, pins, shafts, inserts, couplings, rods, standoffs, rivets, spacers, nuts, studs


Aluminum Hex NozzlesAluminum 6061 Hex Threaded Parts

Aluminum 6061 Custom Precision Hex Stepped Outer Screw Threaded Nozzles & Screw Machine Parts...

Aluminum 6061 Hex Threaded nozzles & screw machine parts Manufacturer


Aluminum Stepped StudsCustom Aluminum Threaded Studs

Aluminum 6061 Outer Threaded Stepped Threaded Studs and Screw Machine Products, Turning Parts...

Aluminum 6061 Stepped threaded Studs & Straight Knurled Internal Threaded Bushings Manufacturer