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screw machine parts and cnc machining parts, such as special fasteners, aluminum parts, brass parts, turning parts, hex nuts

We provide Precision Screw Machine Parts & Custom Machined Parts to various OEM industries including: Automotive, Medical Devices, Computer, Electrical, Vessel, Energy Food Service, Home Appliance, Industrial Machinery, Light, General Application Basic Machined Parts, Microwave Communication Devices ...

china custom screw machine products and special fasteners factory


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China custom shoulder screw and shoulder bolts manufacturer

We specializes in manufacturing Screw Machine Parts & CNC Machining Parts, Turning Parts according to customer's drawings. Such as Special Fasteners, Inner and Outer Threaded Products & Straight and Diamond Knurled Parts. Available outer diameter in 1.0 mm. to 20.0 mm, up to 300mm. Various materials include brass, aluminum, stainless steel, mild steel, free machining steel ...

China custom screw machine products & special fasteners factory

China custom screw machine products & special fasteners factory
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To supply ZERO DEFECT goods to all our customers and supply precision parts that exceeds our customer’s expectations...

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